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Herradura Plata 700ml

Crafted at Herraduras historic distillery in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this smooth, fresh tequila is the result of 45 days of aging in the companys own handmade barrels. Distinctive sweet agave flavours offer tangy citrus characters with subtle notes of vanilla wood.

Jose Cuervo 1800 Coconut 700ml

"1800 Coconut is a unique infusion of fresh, ripe coconut flavour and 1800 Silver Tequila. 1800 Tequila is made from 100 percent Blue Agave harvested and handpicked from the family owned ranches in Jalisco, Western Mexico."

Agavero Cuervo Tequila 750ml

Jose Cuervo`s Agavero is a liquer made from Reposados and Anejos which rested in North American oak barrels. Its blended with essences of the aromatic Damiana flower, which grows in the region of Jalisco. In Mexico the Damiana flower applies traditionally as aphrodisiac. Enjoy it pure, cooled or on the rocks with a piece of lime or orange. Agavero it's basis is a 12 month rested Reposado and a 12 month aged Anejo, both of course 100% Agave Tequilas. This Liquer has got 32% vol.alc and is originally filled in Mexico into a 700 ml bottle. Color: amber colored Nose: after herbs and essences of fruits, paired with the typical smell of blue agave Taste: nutritious with an aromatic, floral bouquet, discreet note of honey and a hint of caramel

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver 700mL

romas of toffee and orange marmalade Long silky finish with woody, nutty tones Hints of light caramel, orange, wood and cinnamon 100% Blue Agave Silver Tequila. Tradicional Silver is irresistibly refined. When bottled, a special process is used to conserve flavor and finish.

Cazcabel Coffee Tequila Liqueur 700ml

Using the fresh and earthy base of the Cazcabel blanco, Cazcabel Coffee blends a roasted sweet hit of luxury arabica coffee from the coastal region of Soconusco in Mexico. It’s a stunning short that can be used in innovative cocktails or enjoyed neat over ice. Taste:The rich, sweet taste of freshly roasted coffee, notes of chocolate, vanilla and agave. Finish: Smooth, rich coffee, dry. ABV: 34%

Espolon Blanco Tequila 700ml

naged, Blanco is the purest expression of Espolòn tequila. Created in the famed hills of Los Altos, our Blanco tequila is double distilled using column and pot stills to give it a perfectly smooth and balanced taste profile. Great on the rocks, this is the one you’ll love shaking into all the best tequila cocktails.

Herradura Reposado Tequila 700ml

rom the famous Casa Herradura Distillery, established 1870, Herradura Reposado is a 100% blue agave tequila made using a natural production process. Aged for over 11 months in white oak barrels, resulting in an intense copper colour, and smooth cooked agave notes with hints of vanilla, butter and dried fruit.

Espolon Reposado Tequila 700ml

El Espolon reveals the essence of Mexico. At its core is the spirit of the iconic rooster, a symbol synonymous with Mexico's proud history. This tequila is a tribute to the Mexican artists who inspired the world with their true portrayals of the rich, storied culture of Mexico. El Espolon takes you to where people celebrate everyday life - it pours you into the heart of real Mexico.

Jose Cuervo 1800 Silver Tequila 700ml

Made from 100% Weber blue agave — aged for 8-12 years and harvested at their peak. The liquid is double distilled, and a special selection of white tequilas is blended together for added complexity and character. The result is a premium tequila with a smoother, more interesting flavor than most on the market. The clean, balanced taste with hints of sweet fruit and pepper is perfect sipped neat, on the rocks, as a shot or in a cocktail.

Session Mocha Tequila 700ml

Delicious chocolate and coffee infused Tequila

Arette Reposado Tequila 700ml

"Tequila that rests in barrels of American White Oak during 11 months, where it gets a smooth aroma, its color and great flavor that distinguishes it like a product of high quality.

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila 700ml

A true silver tequila, Cuervo Silver is the epitome of smooth. The master distillers at La Rojeña crafted this unique and balanced blend to bring out tones of agave, caramel, and fresh herbs in its flavor profile.

Divino Mezcal 500ml with 2 worms

Mezcal Divino Reposado con Gusanito is 100% Agave and aged in oak barrels with the Agave worm in the bottle. Mezcal Divino is certified by the Consejo Mexicano Regulador de la Calidad del Mezcal.

Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila 700ml

Altos Tequila Plata is made from 100% blue agave grown in the Los Altos highlands of Mexico. Complete with herbal notes of cooked agave, our Plata is slightly citric and sweet with a fruity aroma. It's a classic tequila for the modern world.

El Jimador Blanco Tequila 700ml

From Casa Herradura, el Jimador is a premium tequila that captures the spirit of Mexico. Crafted in the very centre of Mexico's rich agave producing region using a natural production process, this estate bottled tequila has a smooth and balanced taste.


Colour: Drink of dark golden yellow hue, crystalline, clean and bright, with good body and smoothness in the glass. Nose: Aroma of tequila, fruit and herbal. A pleasant authentic and exquisite aroma to maguey worm. Taste: Balanced tequila flavor and delicate smoky notes that bring the classic flavor of the maguey heartworm

Alba Dorado Tequila 700ML

Our tequila is sourced 1500m above sea level, in the small town of Magdalena in the highland region of Jalisco, Mexico. This mountainous wonderland is the perfect setting for blue agave to flourish, with a Mediterranean climate laden with red clay, mineral rich soil and high elevations. Alba Pura Dorado is a soft golden colour. Perfect for sipping or making cocktails. Soft hint of floral and honey aroma with a palate of dried herbs and honey. Finish is subtly oaked.

Sierra Silver Tequila 700ml

Sierra Tequila Silver is a mature, clear tequila. Its full, fruity, fresh aroma dominated by a subtle chili note reflects the Tequilana Weber Azul Agave and also contains slight hints of green apple and young pineapple. Nuances of pepper give Sierra Tequila Silver that certain something, making it a feisty tequila.

Don Ramon Punta Diamante Silver Tequila 750ml

equila Don Ramón Punta Diamante Silver is double-distilled for a smooth and clean taste and pure profile. Made from 100% Blue Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, this clear spirit can be described as bright, fresh, and floral. Selectively harvesting mature agave and the extra step of pressing the agave prior to cooking, results in a pronounced herbaceous flavor. A sip reveals a hint of sweetness that evolves into a warming minerality.

Jose Cuervo 1800 Reposado Tequila 700ml

1800® Reposado is made from 100% blue agave handpicked from our family owned ranches in Jalisco, Mexico. The agave plants are grown high above the sea in mineral-rich soil in the highlands. They take eight years to ripen and can only be harvested once. The Reposado is then double-distilled and mellowed for 6 months in American and French oak barrels selected by the 1800® Maestro Tequilero. It is a painstaking process – but one that yields a smoother Tequila with superior flavor. The bottle’s crest includes the saying, “Trabajo, Pasión, Honestidad,” meaning “Work, Passion, Honesty” which displays the honor and tradition that goes into making this historically rich Tequila. 1800® Reposado is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a Margarita.

Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo 700m

Using 100% Weber Blue Agave, picked at their peak — up to eight years old — Añejo is aged in French Oak barrels for a minimum of 14 months. Its finish is described as spicy and well rounded with flavours of toasted oak, vanilla and butterscotch. This deep, luxurious tequila is ideal for sipping. 100% Blue Agave. Rested in mostly french oak with a small portion in american oak for up to 3 years

818 Tequila Anejo 750ml

A must buy, its very smooth and lovely tequila. Kendall Jenner recently launched 818 Tequila the. 818 area code is home to her. TASTE: Vanilla, sweet agave, and crisp herbal notes AROMA: Caramel, toasted nuts, orange peel, chocolate and toffee BODY & COLOR: Light amber with shiny golden reflections and bronze hues with full body FINISH Very long silk, rich and full bodied WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Blended with Extra Añejo, Aged for over 1 year in French oak barrels 100% Blue Agave, handcrafted, small batch in Jalisco.

818 Tequila Reposado 750ml

ommercial description MADE OUT OF 100% BLUE WEBER AGAVES TASTE - Ripe roasted agave flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla Aroma - Vanilla, meringue, honey, and fruit accents BODY & COLOR - Straw color with golden hues and medium body FINISH - Smooth caramel finish with notes of sweet cooked agave and pecan pie WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL - Aged in French and American oak barrels for a minimum of two months

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila 700ml

Colour: Light Gold Hue Aroma Sweet, with pleasant agave notes. Flavour: Sweet, subtle agave, hint of oak and vanilla. Finish: Well-balanced, short and smooth. Alc 38%

Olmeca Altos Reposado 700ml

Altos Reposado tequila is made from 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and aged in former whiskey barrels for 6 to 8 months for good measure. Sweet and citric with notes of vanilla and wood, it's definitely worth the wait. Trust us.

Sierra Reposado Tequila 700ml

Sierra Tequila Reposado is traditionally distilled twice in copper pot stills. It matures for nine months in toasted oak barrels, which gives it its shimmering golden color. Reposado is the favorite variety of tequila among Mexicans. The fresh, irresistible fruitiness of Sierra Tequila Reposado carries delicate notes of vanilla, caramel, and herbs. A recipient of numerous international awards, Sierra Tequila Reposado’s diversity of aromas makes it especially complex.

Don Ramon Punta Diamante Anejo Tequila 750ml

Tequila Don Ramón Punta Diamante Añejo is double-distilled and aged in American oak barrels for 12 months, resulting in a smooth, richer taste and robust profile. Made from 100% Blue Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, this amber spirit can be described as buttery, aromatic and well-defined. A sip reveals a meritage of citrus and peach, while the long rest awakens the deeper notes of wood and vanilla.

Ilegal Mezcal Joven 700ml

ull bodied agave flavor. Light smoke, lingering heat. An ideal mezcal for cocktails or perfect on its own. Tasting Note: Eucalyptus and mineral aromas compliment hints of green apple, fresh citrus, and red chiltepe.

Jose 1800 Cristalino Anejo 750ml

Jose 1800 Cristalino Anejo 750ml A crystal-clear añejo tequila with deceptive depth, presented in a stunning crystalline bottle. Since releasing the first añejo tequila on the market in 1800 Añejo, 1800 continues to drive innovation with this beautiful contradiction of a spirit. 1800 Cristalino is aged in both American and French oak barrels for 16 months, after which the liquid is married together and finished in Port Wine casks for an additional 6 months. It is then meticulously filtered via a unique process that adds smoothness without sacrificing taste. The result is a spirit with all the complexity of añejo tequila, and the silky smooth drinkability of silver.

Jose Cuervo Classic Margarita Mix 1000ml

ose Cuervo Especial Gold’s accomplice. On the rocks or frozen with crushed ice, classic lime, strawberry lime, mango, pineapple and classic lime light Jose Cuervo Margarita Mixes are the ultimate makings of America’s favorite cocktail.