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Rare Malt

Rare Malt

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Glen Elgin Rare 18 Year old Single Malt Whisky 54.8% 700ml

Natural cask strength single malt whisky in a limited edition. This whisky comes from a well-known Speyside distillery that deserves to be more known. This is the third release from the original distiller's stocks. One batch was distilled using Pombe yeast for elevated overtones of green apple and aged in ex-bodega casks for richness, while the other was produced with more traditional cerevisiae yeast and aged in refill European Oak butts. Butts made from ex-bodega and refilled European oak. It's interesting to compare this to the 16-year-old released in 2008, which came from the same ex-bodega European Oak. There are just 5,352 bottles available worldwide.

J&B Rear Scotch Whiskey 1000ml

Galliano Amaretto Liqueur is a traditional Italian liqueur with delicious almond notes. Galliano Amaretto is a concentrated and flavorful amaretto with mazipan notes that works well in a variety of cocktails.

Pittyvaich '2019 Special Release' 29 years old 51.4% 700ml

This whisky was produced as part of Diageo's 2019 limited edition releases and comes from the long-closed and little-known Pittyvaich distillery. It has gentle fruit notes and dried flowers on the nose, moving to a palate of sultanas and a curious wave of sage/herbal notes that emerge during each sip. Matured in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry seasoned casks, this has a very distinctive and old-fashioned style: it has gentle fruit notes and dried flowers on the nose, moving to a palate of sultanas and a curious wave of During the finish, a note of gunpowder tea and complex wood notes emerge, leaving a faint residue of smoky herbs.

Talisker Isle of Sky 41 Years Old 700ml

This single malt from the Isle of Skye's Talisker distillery is the oldest commercially available expression. In homage to the style of whisky that would have been produced at the distillery in the early 20th century, this limited edition was matured in refill American oak barrels before being finished in Manzanilla sherry casks from Delgado Zuleta, one of Jerez's oldest sherry manufacturers.