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Suntory Whisky Toki 43% 700ml

Toki is a Japanese word that signifies "time." It's a concept with a lot of meaning all around the world, but especially in Japan, where a strong creative energy is sparked by respect for tradition and reinvention. Suntory Whisky Toki, inspired by this interplay, combines old and modern - the House of Suntory's strong tradition and innovative spirit - to produce a blended Japanese whisky that is both revolutionary and timeless. The 2017 Denver International Spirits Competition awarded Suntory Whisky a Gold Medal.

Kura The Whisky Pure Malt 40% ABV

“From Okinawa to the Rest of the World”... Kura Helios Distillery's Whisky - Malt is a premium Japanese Whisky made with the best ingredients from Okinawa Island. It's a blended malt whisky manufactured with malted barley and water, employing Helios Distillery's years of production experience, and aged for at least three years in American oak barrels. The London Spirits Competition 2018 Silver Award winner. Limited global presence, with only a few clients chosen to be privileged to carry in stock.

Kura The Whisky Blended Malt 40% ABV

"A Kura The Whisky blended malt whisky that has spent time finishing in rum-soaked casks. We're big fans of rum-aged whiskies since they assist to bring out any juicy fruit flavours, which is exactly what has happened here."