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Aberlour 12yrs Whisky 700ml ABV 40%

The 12 year-old expression exemplifies how Aberlour's new distillate's notably sharp, citrous flavour is delicately tamed by double barrel ageing. The mellowed spirits within are mixed to give a softly balanced flavour, with traditional Oak and seasoned Sherry butts being employed to great advantage.

Aberlour A’Bunadh 700ml ABV 40%

A'bunadh, which means 'the original' in Gaelic, is a tribute to Aberlour's founder, James Fleming. Each batch of A'bunadh whisky is handcrafted from start to finish to offer a rich and nuanced flavour of juicy raisin and handmade fruit cake. It's bottled at cask strength, resulting in a sherried whisky that's bold and strong.

Antiquary Blended 12yr Scotch Whisky 40% 700ML

The Antiquary 12 year old is a wonderful whisky with a mellow, silky blend that Jim Murray gave an astonishing 92 points in his 2013 Whisky Bible.

Ardbeg 10yr Old 46% 700ml

Ardbeg Ten Years Old is often regarded as the world's peatiest, smokiest, and most complex single malt. It does not, however, exaggerate the peat; rather, it allows the natural sweetness of the malt to shine through, resulting in a perfectly balanced whisky. In 2008, it was named World Whisky of the Year.

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 years old 700ml 46.2% TB/03 GREAT PRICE

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan is the acme of an aged Ardbeg, aged in American oak and Oloroso sherry casks to achieve the unachievable balance. n nArdbeg Traigh Bhan is a superb 19-year-old whisky that is part of the Distillery's newest limited batch release. This unusual aged spirit is an enchanting reflection of the region to which it gets its name: Islay's Traigh Bhan beach (called locally as the Singing Sands).

Auchentoshan Single Malt 12YO 700ml

Triple Over 12 years of distillation and maturation. The nuttiness of the scent is matched by a sweet, silky tongue with flavours of tangerine and lime.
Size - 700ml
Region - Lowland
Current Vintage - Auchentoshan 12 Year Old
Standard Drinks - 22
Alcohol Volume - 40.00%

Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt 700ml

This one-of-a-kind Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Whisky was aged in three different types of casks. Three Wood is a rich, complex whisky with wonderful toffee and sherry wood flavours, transitioning from American Bourbon to Spanish Oloroso Sherry and lastly Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.
CATEGORY-Scotch Whisky

Ballantines Finest Scotch Whiskey 1000ml

Slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla, this cocktail is ideal for getting the party started. Since 1910, this Whisky has remained loyal to its original formula.

Bells Extra Special 1000ml

"Tincup is brewed with a corn, rye, and malt combination and pure Rocky Mountain water. Although it is technically a bourbon, it contains a significant amount of rye. Tincup has a stronger and spicier flavour than most bourbons because to our unique mash bill and very pure water."

Bowmore 18yr 43% Islay Malt 700ml

CATEGORY -Scotch Whisky REGION - Scotland ABV - 43% YEARS AGED - 18


CATEGORY - Scotch Whisky REGION - United Kingdom ABV - 50% YEARS AGED - 10

Buffalo Trace Bourbon 40% 700ml

Buffalo built pathways through the woods, leading American settlers and explorers to new lands. One such route led to Buffalo Trace Distillery, which has been distilling bourbon whisky the same way for almost 200 years on the banks of the Kentucky River. We crafted our distinctive Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in honour of the majestic buffalo and the rugged, independent spirit of the pioneers who followed them. The scent of vanilla, mint, and molasses is complex in this deep amber whisky. Brown sugar and spice flavours give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit, and anise in this pleasant whisky. This whisky has a lengthy, silky finish with a lot of depth.


Triple distilled and aged in Oloroso sherry and American Bourbon barrels for a full-flavoured yet soft-finishing and attractive Whiskey. This classic Irish spirit is world-renowned.

Bushmills Blackbush 700ml

Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey is a blend of malt whisky aged in old Oloroso Sherry barrels and sweet, batch-distilled grain whisky. Black Bush boasts rich, fruity flavours and a deep, powerful flavour, balanced by an extraordinarily distinctive smoothness, thanks to this unique recipe. It's best served straight up or over ice.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1000ml

The most well-known Irish malt, and the quality demonstrates why. A malty tongue with traces of sherry and a fruity sweetness reminiscent of apples and bananas leads to a bitter toffee finish. To avoid any smokiness, unpeated barley was used. The spirit is triple distilled, making it smoother, lighter, and more polished than double distilled whiskies. Extra richness was achieved by ageing the whisky for at least ten years in old Bourbon barrels. Before being bottled, the whisky was diluted to 40% abv.

Canadian Club 1000ML 37% ABV

Category - Canadian Whisky REGION - Canada ABV -40%

Canadian Club 12 Yr 700ML

Season in Char-Treated Oak Bourbon Barrels. Rich and smooth with aromas of vanilla, mellow wood and spice with hints of Butterscotch.

Canadian Club Spiced 1000ML

A twist on Canadian Club Original, blended with vanilla, all spice, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and juniper berry. Canadian Club Spiced has been designed for consumption as part of a mixed drink, cocktail or served over ice and is described as offering a sweet grain and spicy aroma, with flavours of sweet fruit and spices and a long finish.


Varietal-Single Malt Whisky Size-700mL Region-Speyside Standard Drinks-22.1 Alcohol Volume-40.0% Country-Scotland Age-15 Year Old Brand Name-Cardhu Closure-Cork

Chivas Regal 12yr 1000ml

Produced in Australia using only the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy Straight as a shot, over ice, or as a unique cocktail ingredient. It's best to serve chilled.

Chivas Regal 12yr 700ml

From the Scottish Highlands comes this world-famous blended Scotch Whisky. Chivas Regal 12 year old is a smooth blended whisky with notes of herbs, honey, and fruit on the palate.

Chivas Regal Extra 700ml

Colin Scott, one of the world's most experienced Master Blenders, produced Chivas Regal 18 Gold Signature, a wonderfully rich and multi-layered blend. This highly acclaimed blend is made from malt and grain whiskies from all over Scotland, including our iconic Speyside malt from Strathisla. Every sip of Chivas 18 satisfies the senses with 85 distinct flavour nuances.

Chivas Regal Ultis Whisky 700ml

Chivas Ultis was the company's first blended malt. In honour of Chivas Regal's five famous master blenders, each drop comprises five exquisite single malts hand-picked from five of the most cherished Speyside distilleries. Chivas Regal is defined by this one-of-a-kind and distinguished whisky. 40% ABV

Chivas Regal XV 15yr Old Whisky 700ml

Chivas Regal's 15-year-old blended whisky is wonderfully fruity and sweet, thanks to meticulous cask selection, which includes some whisky aged in Grande Champagne Cognac barrels.

Cody's & Cola 7% 12 Pack Cans 250ml

Cody's is New Zealand's second-largest bourbon and cola brand, as well as the third-largest traditional liquor brand. Cody's is a premium Kentucky straight oak-aged bourbon that's perfect for sharing with friends.

Cody's & Cola 7% 18 Pack Cans 250ml

Cody's is New Zealand's second-largest bourbon and cola brand, as well as the third-largest traditional liquor brand. Cody's is a premium Kentucky straight oak-aged bourbon that's perfect for sharing with friends.

Cody's & Cola 7% 18 Pack Cans 250ml - Bundle of 3

Cody's is New Zealand's second-largest bourbon and cola brand, as well as the third-largest traditional liquor brand. Cody's is a premium Kentucky straight oak-aged bourbon that's perfect for sharing with friends.

Cragganmore Distillers Edition 700ml ABV 40%

Another excellent vintage has arrived in Cragganmore's Distillers Edition series! The juicy, sweet flavours of this 2005 vintage were finished in Port pipes for more clarity and depth. This beauty, which was bottled in 2017 at a leisurely 40% ABV, has plenty of room for those flavours to breathe, making it well worth a try.

Cutty Sark 1000ml

Galliano Black, with its distinctive tapering bottles and strong anise flavour, is one of the most well-known Sambucas. Serve it straight up, over ice, in coffee, or as a blazing shot.


Varietal-Scotch Whisky Size-700mL Region-Highland Standard Drinks-24 Alcohol Volume-43.00% Country-Scotland Age-15 Year Old Brand Name-Dalwhinnie Whisky Style-Single Malt


Distillery Bottling AGE - 12 Year Old COUNTRY - Scotland REGION - Highland CASK TYPE - Bourbon CHILL FILTERED - No

Dewars White Label 1000ml

Dewar's White Label scotch was introduced in 1899 and is still the company's most popular scotch. The White Label "Scratched Cask" was originally released in 2015, and it ages in ex-bourbon barrels that have been scored or "scratched" to bring out more oak characteristics. "We're giving Bourbon drinkers who are looking at the Scotch area a bridge for that transition," Dewar's Dan Pilas said in the press release.
Category - Scotch Whisky
REGION - Scotland