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Wild Turkey 1000ml 43.4%

Wild Turkey 86.8 is an 86.8 proof (43.4 percent alcohol) bourbon made up mostly of 6, 7, and 8 year-old bourbons. 86.8 pours smoothly over ice or with a mixer, making it ideal for individuals who prefer their bourbon with a mixer. Color is a deep amber. Vanilla, wood, white pepper, and luscious fruits are all present. Caramel, wood, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves with a trace of nutmeg. Finish is long, supple, and clean.
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Melon is a surprisingly versatile flavour and can be used in a number of cocktails or even just simply with ice and lemonade. Any way you drink it, it's always a pleasure!

Jim Beam 1750ml 40%

Established in 1795 and went down through one family for the beyond seven ages, Jim Beam is the world's top of the line whiskey. From Tokyo to London to Louisville, Jim Beam sets the benchmark for what a whiskey ought to be, matured twice the length legally necessary for a character that is not normal for some other. Refined with corn, malted grain, time, pride and enthusiasm, there's a motivation behind why Jim Beam Bourbon is on pretty much every bar rack. Nonetheless, it isn't the name that should tempt you. Opening a container is the most ideal way of praising life occasions, social affairs, or simply spending time with companions. It's however flexible as it seems to be smooth, something you've presumably consistently sought to be, yet it does as such easily. To get the particular kind of Jim Beam Bourbon, the refinery ages the alcohol in burned oak barrels for at least four years. This bestows a medium body and a caramel shading that you've come to know in a whiskey. The oaky, vanilla and fiery scenery welcomes you with a twirling of the whiskey, welcoming you to taste what exists in the glass. At the point when you at long last raise the glass, your taste buds become overpowered with a five-pronged assault of pleasantness, grain, oak, scorch and natural product. Most five-pronged assaults are best passed on to the combat zone or game, yet this cudgels you over the head with flavors that keep you returning. Appreciate Jim Beam Bourbon on the rocks, with a sprinkle of water or in one of your cherished mixed drinks. Bar Suntory