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Alcohol content: 8.2%
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Carlsberg 24-PK CANS Extra Big 500 ml (Equal to 36x cans 330ml) Great value (CLARANCE EXPIRY APRIL/2021)

Carlsberg all-malt premium beer is elegant with a full, rich flavour. A great value Lager with a first-class taste
Old price: $78.00

Schweppes Classic Soda Water 1.5l

In 1783, Jacob Schweppe charmed the world by tackling the foam of the world's best soda pop. Schweppes Classic Soda Water is a fresh, invigorating, shining soft drink water made with the ideal mix of mineral salts and unadulterated normal water. Schweppes Classic Soda Water can be delighted in all alone with a cut of lemon or as a blender. Schweppes' scope of refined shimmering sodas are the ideal decision for appreciating either straight or as a blender. Schweppes Soda Water is accessible in single-serve and sharing size bottles just as multipacks.

Chum Churum Apple Soju 360ml 2 PK

A soju-based cocktail with added natural fruit juice.

Chum Churum Soju Apple Mango 12% 360ml 2 PK

Chum Churum Soju with flavours is quite popular in Korea. This is the first product that sparked the popularity of fruit-flavored soju. It's much easier to drink with a light alcohol concentration of 12% and just the proper amount of Apple Mango flavour and swiss cheese "etness," she says.