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Lunatic & Lover Botanical Silver Rum 700ml

A creation of crazed-passion, Lunatic & Lover is in our opinion the world’s finest botanical rum. Through imagination, mania, and a dash of madness, we have managed to invent a distillate which instils the very spirit of adventure. All that is put into the spirit after this point is a slow, gradual addition of H2O over several weeks, diluting the distillate down to drinking strength. No added sugar, no essences, no flavourings, no colouring. Only pure rum and the essential oils brought over from the botanicals. None of this is easy, but compromise is not part of the psyche at Lunatic & Lover, and we fervently believe the fruit of our labour is testament unto itself. Lunatic & Lover epitomise quality over quantity. The batches made are scarce and small, with each bottle hand numbered. We are seriously zealous about where our creation can be purchased, so if you do have the good fortune of finding our bottle in the wild, we politely suggest you take full advantage.