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Bells Extra Special 1000ml

"Tincup is brewed with a corn, rye, and malt combination and pure Rocky Mountain water. Although it is technically a bourbon, it contains a significant amount of rye. Tincup has a stronger and spicier flavour than most bourbons because to our unique mash bill and very pure water."
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Dewars White Label 1000ml

Dewar's White Label scotch was introduced in 1899 and is still the company's most popular scotch. The White Label "Scratched Cask" was originally released in 2015, and it ages in ex-bourbon barrels that have been scored or "scratched" to bring out more oak characteristics. "We're giving Bourbon drinkers who are looking at the Scotch area a bridge for that transition," Dewar's Dan Pilas said in the press release.
Category - Scotch Whisky
REGION - Scotland